Ann Taylor Factory: and LOFT Outlet

Start E-Commerce Websites

Ann Taylor Factory and LOFT Outlet are launching ecommerce websites to provide clients 24/7 access to fashionable workwear pieces as well as feminine, versatile clothing from their favorite outlet labels. These sites will offer exclusive merchandise in the Ann Taylor/LOFT style that our clients love. LOFT Outlet launched today at and Ann Taylor Factory’s website ( will launch on Tuesday, June 26.

Gary Muto, President and CEO of ascena brands stated that “we are always looking for ways we can meet our client wherever she is” “The new outlet and due to factory websites will allow us to improve the shopping experience for existing clients as well as introduce our brands and products to new clients.”

Ann Taylor Factory and LOFT Outlet customers can find the same products on e-commerce websites. Ann Taylor Factory and LOFT outlet merchandise offer a wide range of fashionable, versatile pieces as well as feminine prints and patterns. They also come at a great value. For special online launch offers and updates, visit and

Christine Munnelly (SVP, GMM), Ann Taylor Factory and LOFT Outlet said, “We are thrilled to offer more ways for clients to shop our exclusive style at a compelling cost.” We strive to meet our clients’ expectations of high-quality, feminine and versatile clothing that is timeless, no matter if they shop in-store or online.

Ann Taylor cannabis factory opened their first store in 1993. There are currently 126 locations across the U.S., Puerto Rico. 166 locations are currently available in the U.S., Puerto Rico and at LOFT Outlet.

About ANN Brands

Ann Taylor Factory Stores and Lou & Grey are part of ANN Brands. They have stores across 47 states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. ANN Brands is committed to inspiring and connecting women with style that makes them feel confident and helps them look their best. We respect our clients’ individual style and are available to them in all aspects of their lives.

Ann Taylor Factory Stores and LOFT Outlets

Ann Taylor Factory and LOFT Outlets will offer the same styles at a discounted price to value-conscious customers. You can expect to find merchandise from past seasons and products that are “affordable luxury” made specifically for factory workers outlet stores.

LOFT Outlets offer a younger look and more casual styles than Ann Taylor Factory stores. Both divisions offer professional women’s suits, separates and dresses. Both stores usually have a good selection of petite sizes.

How to store Ann Taylor Factory comic books in the wrong way?

For casual Ann Taylor shoppers, it is difficult to tell the difference between Ann Taylor outlet merchandise and merchandise in the Ann Taylor retail stores. For Ann Taylor shoppers who are devoted, however, the quality difference is not subtle.

  • Reducing Detailing

Ann Taylor’s outlet merchandise cuts corners in the details department. A blouse with pleats at the front may have 10 pleats. This is in contrast to the less expensive outlet version that has only five pleats. The beautiful buttons and details in the sweaters in retail stores will make them stand out, while the buttons in outlet stores may be plastic.

Outlet shoppers can ignore the retail price on tickets as most of the merchandise in the outlet store is made specifically for that store. The retail price is not applicable unless the merchandise is from a previous year. Otherwise, the merchandise would never be sold in retail stores.

  • No Deception

Ann Taylor is open about its products. It doesn’t hide the fact that it also sells made for-outlet merchandise. It does a great job with clothing. Even though some styles are not as high quality, they look great. Ann Taylor fashion factory and LOFT Outlet are great options for those who struggle to find the right style for their budget. To ensure the best quality clothing, make sure you inspect the seams and zippers before purchasing.

  • Wait for Percentage-Off Sales

Ann Taylor Factory and LOFT Outlet stores offer discounts of 30-50% on the entire store, and clearance items up to 70%. For more information, visit the outlet mall’s site and search for sales links.

  • Brand History

In 1954 Richard Liebeskind opened Ann Taylor’s first shop. He was looking for well-dressed women. It grew to 47 stores in the United States within 30 years. Ascena Retail Group today is the parent company for both Ann Taylor and LOFT.

Find them

In the United States, there are over 160 LOFT Outlet shops. There are also more than 500 regular LOFT stores. Ann Taylor has more than 120 Ann Taylor Factory shops and 180 Ann Taylor stores in the United States.