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How to Create Professional “Dj Business Cards”

First, you need to find a website that allows you to create professional DJ business cards. VistaPrint is the site I recommend. Actually, I’ll walk you through how to make your Vistaprint DJ business cards from the beginning to end. It is very easy. You will succeed if you follow these steps!

#1 Design is a Concept

Your DJ business cards can be printed with a plain background or a creative image that is embedded in the background. Professional disc jockeys should be entertainers! You should entertain potential clients by creating a cool business card. They will be drawn to it!

If you don’t know anyone who can draw your logo, or take a cartoon of you behind the decks, I recommend that you find someone via social media. I paid $10 to an Instagram artist who created a cartoonish image of me behind turntables and headphones. It’s here:

This was added to the background of my cards for DJ business. Two important pieces of information were added and that was it! My website is not on the card, as I didn’t have it running at the time I created my business cards. It is a good idea to have a website before you start any business.

#2 Sign up with Vistaprint

Vistaprint usually offers a promotion for new customers. I paid $10 for a 500 business card because I used a coupon code which gave me a discount. Not a bad deal at all! You are only allowed to use their website to create business cards. They will try to convince you to buy other cool items, such as an advertising car magnet featuring your design. You don’t have the obligation to buy it.

#3 Select a design to your DJ business cards

VistaPrint’s website has all of their services listed at the top. The purple arrow points to the Business Cards tab in the image below.

#4 Add content to your business cards for DJs

Your logo or background image can be added to the box. To make the background image a background, drag the corners to increase the size of the box and then adjust the box as desired. Let’s now discuss what else should be on your DJ business cards.

#5 Buy Your DJ Business Cards

Once you have created your DJ cards, you can proceed to purchase them through VistaPrint. Click the Next button to proceed with your VistaPrint order. You can now view your DJ cards and see how they will look. Accept the cards as they are, pay the card, and your order will be sent!

Are you able to suggest a design for a set of business cards for DJs? Questions? Comments? Comments?