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What do you need to know about personal injury claims in New York City

Personal injury claims, regardless of whether they are due to an accident, medical malpractice, or other causes, are civil claims for damages that result from injury suffered by another person or company. Law recognizes economic damages, such as lost earnings or payment for medical expenses. However, it also allows for pain and suffer which can be used by a jury to award money for any changes that have occurred in your life due to your injuries. My firm is an experienced litigator who can properly evaluate the economic loss and the pain and suffering claims. Every year, thousands are hurt by the negligence, recklessness, and other wrongdoings of another party. Unexpected injuries or accidents can cause severe physical and emotional pain and suffering, as well as financial damage and traumatic injuries. New York’s personal injuries laws allow accident victims to seek compensation for their losses and injuries.

Personal injury claims can also be based on negligence (failure or use of reasonable care) or intentional wrongdoing. It is more complicated than adding up the financial losses and multiplying it by a number to calculate the personal injury claim’s value. This approach is used by many legal and insurance companies.

Our NYC personal injury lawyers examine every factor of a case and use a team that includes engineers and financial analysts to calculate the maximum value of your injury claim.

Personal injury claims include slipping on snow and ice on a walkway, tripping on a sidewalk defect, falling down a staircase or in an auto accident, an Ubur or taxi, June or Lyft accident and a police brutality case or accident on a construction site.

A type of personal injury case is medical malpractice. A doctor might fail to conduct the necessary diagnostic tests to diagnose you illness or condition. This could lead to injuries. If the doctor’s negligence caused you injuries or damages, the doctor could be held responsible for them.

Intentional injuries that may be covered under New York’s personal-injury laws include an injury caused by an intentional assault, such as an assault by a drunken patron at a restaurant or bar. You can also sue the restaurant or bar for negligence in providing a safe environment.

Your Injuries

Your claim’s value will be affected by the severity and nature of your injuries. Serious injuries usually result in greater financial damages. This includes medical expenses, personal care, loss of income, and other costs. Higher claims for pain and suffering damages are also possible due to catastrophic injuries and traumatizing injuries.

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