Yu “Nishinoya”

Yu Nishinoya a second-year student at Karasuno High School. His role as libero on the school’s volleyball team saw him being called “Karasuno’s Guardian Deity” by his peers for his extraordinary skills  After graduating high school, Nishinoya decided to quit volleyball and travel the world.

Nishinoya  Appearance

Nishinoya, who stands at 159.3 cm (now 160.5 cm as per chapter 207), is the shortest member on the team private investigators. He is a short man with a strong build. His wild black hair is styled by him regularly, adding about 10 cm to his height. The tiny tuft of hair that falls on his forehead seems to have been bleached to a dark brown color. His eyes are dark brown and slanted.

Brightly colored shirts are his preferred choice. They usually have a random four-character idiom printed either on the front or back. He wears an elbow pad, which he does not have on the rest of his team, while playing in games.


She is very lively and temperamental. His wild nature and wild shenanigans can easily attract unwanted attention, which often leads to him being a troublemaker. He doesn’t worry about the consequences of his actions and may resort to violence when he feels the need to vent his anger. However, he is very considerate of his friends feelings and insecurities.

He is known for his quirky ability to come up with absurd names for the moves that he does while practicing. Unexpectedly, he is shy when it comes talking to girls that he hasn’t met before.

Tanaka shares a strong interest in Kiyoko, the team manager. They try to approach each other but they are often ignored. They can cause quite a stir when this happens, and they are often scolded by someone, most commonly Daichi. The series’ official introduction of Nishinoya sees him energetically approach Kiyoko. This results in an offscreen slap. She returns to the screen with a smile and a red cheek. Tanaka and Nishinoya like the title “Senpai” (or Upperclassmen, in English). Boys who get most attention from female admirers like Oikawa are disliked.

Nishinoya is impulsive businesses increase, impatient and excitable. Tanaka says that Nishinoya is simply too excited for his own good. He doesn’t care to filter his thoughts and can speak out loudly and insolently. His attitude dramatically changes in-game. He becomes focused, serious, calm, and does everything he can to support his team until the end. He is respected by everyone in the volleyball club. He has been shown to be extremely hardworking. Once, he practiced more than 200 spike block receives per day until his legs stopped moving.

He is a remarkable feat of confidence and fearlessness, but Nishinoya says that he was a “huge scaryy-cat” as a child[2]. His grandfather trained him to overcome his fears. He told him that every fear was a wasted experience and to not be afraid to seek help if the fear persists. This was a reflection of Nishinoya’s determination and bravery during matches. It also served as an important aspect in his character development sometime later in the Nationals. He candidly shares his childhood with the team, even when he is being shoved into a corner.


She tells Hinata & Kageyama why he chose Karasuno She went to Midoriyama Junior High. They lost 2-1 against Kitagawa Daiichi Junior High when they played . Later that year, he was awarded for his outstanding performance as a libero. This made him very famous. He answered that he entered Karasuno because he wanted to wear the black gakuran of the school, which he considers “super cool”. He is close to Karasuno High Prada Sneaker.

When Asahi fails to show up for practice at the beginning of March Nishinoya chases him and yells at his for leaving the team. Nishinoya pushes Asahi away and the vice-principal follows him. He is then suspended from school for one week and banned from participating in club activities for a whole month.

As a child, Nishinoya was afraid of many things, including certain vegetables, moths and riding a bicycle. He also was afraid of dogs in the neighbourhood. Mineo, his eccentric grandfather, said that being afraid is a waste of time because it stops you from living life. Nishinoya conquered his fears, faced them head-on, and became the person he is today. However, he still hates moths.

  • Plot
  • Karasuno High Team Formation Arc
  • Aoba Johsai Practice Match

After their practice match, Daichi left Aoba Johsai High and stated that although they still have a lot of time before the Interhigh preliminaries start, it’s time for Karasuno, She, to return.

Asahi, Nishinoya’s Return

Hinata and Tanaka, along with Daichi and Sugawara, are on their way back. They discuss the Interhigh competition, as well as the crucial positions they lack. Kageyama calls up the team member about to return and questions him what he has been doing. Tanaka replies that he was suspended for one week and banned from club activities for a whole month. Hinata then asks Tanaka if he is a delinquent. Tanaka denies it and says that he is just too passionate, but a good guy. Tanaka says that Karasuno was his only prodigy. However, Kageyama has now joined their team best mc business. Sawamura tells Hinata that he will also be called “senpai” by Sawamura, and it will make him ridiculously happy.

Kageyama’s serving is perfectly received by Nishinoya

Kageyama is serving practice. Kageyama sees her and jumps in to intercept it. Hinata and Kageyama are stunned. Kageyama’s serve is complimented by him. Tanaka, Sawamura, and Sugawara arrive. Tanaka exuberantly calls for him, and he returns. Sawamura officially introduces him to his two first years.

Hinata is shocked and somewhat surprised when she comments that she is shorter than him, which bothers the former. Tanaka attempts to calm down. He is 159 cm tall when he’s asked about his height. He tells Hinata that being taller than him isn’t a problem.